Helping white + blue belts focus their BJJ training

Get more out of your training and progress faster by setting and completing realistic daily targets, expand and refine your BJJ knowledge - all within one app!

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Learning BJJ can be a long and difficult process

It's difficult to measure your own progress

It’s hard not to compare yourself to others. Trying to keep track of your own progress can be difficult and it often feels like you’re not making any progress at all (or even going backwards!)

Techniques don't always work for you

Some techniques seem impossible for you - maybe you’re not flexible enough, or your size gets in the way. Figuring out how to make techniques work for your body type and ability can be frustrating

There’s so much information out there, it can be difficult to find the right details for you

It’s easy to get sidetracked by the latest Instagram move-of-the-day, or you can’t find the answers you need to fully understand a technique or position.

You’re not having success with your techniques and you don’t understand why

Troubleshooting your BJJ game is difficult. It can be hard to figure out the right questions to ask your instructor, and even harder to remember and implement their advice.

BJJ Companion makes your journey easier

Simplify your goal progression

Keep on top of your goals both on and off the mats by hitting realistic daily targets

Expand your game

Study, learn and discover new techniques, counters and tips via our comprehensive technique library

Organize your knowledge

Record detailed notes and videos against each technique to help you remember important details later

Connect with others

Get help, advice and answers from others and troubleshoot your techniques via the community Q+A board


Here’s how it works



Choose what you want to focus on via the technique library, and keep track of everything you've learned



View detailed instruction, videos and community notes to help refine your technique, and ask the community for advice



Set easy-to-achieve daily targets that push you forward, both on and off the mats. No cumbersome session/rep tracking required



Track your knowledge and profiency for all your individual techniques, and record written and video notes for future reference 

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